Not much

in the way of training today (Sunday). Had the roofers over today to do their thing on my roof. There were 9 of em total and they busted out my roof in 4 hours and they even roofed my storage shed in the back. I'll probably chuck the bike up in the trainer and do a little spinning while the Cavs are on just to get somewhat of a workout in today. Good swim workout yesterday and the week went pretty well so I'm not that concerned about not having a big weekend.
Maybe I'll have some legs for Super Tuesday, it is Zipp Demo night ya know!

Go Cavs


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Looks good Bill! I was worried that your roofing gig would be affected by the crazy weather this weekend. Cold. Sun. Warm. Thunderstom. WINDY! (repeat cycle again and again).

We road on the road yesterday for 2hours - very windy. Today we watched Chris Martino run his first marathon! Hoping to ride, but the weather isn't cooperating again. Enjoy the rest of Sunday.


Bill said...

Thanks Julie. Yes the roof turned out really nice, we're more than pleased with the outcome.
Your right about the weather this weekend, very strange. How did Chris do by the way?