Super Tuesday

was pretty super for Team Lake Effect. We all did quite a bit of work to bring the break back that included Paul Martin and Jim Baldesare after a prime lap. Once the break was brought back Paul launched another that included Rudy, Derek, Shawn and Matt. Total number in the break was 8 and there was a lot of fire power up there. We managed to react to anything that tried to bring them back and were up front in the field the whole race. Most racers were very aggressive in the field and raced well with some pretty hard attacks thrown in. The field was sprinting for 9th. so most did not sit up and just roll across the line. In the end we had Shawn 3rd. Rudy 5th. Derek 6th. and Matt 8th. Mike, Tony, Chris, Scott and myself rolled in somewhere in the top 15 I would say. It was also nice to see Phil Hines in the race today as well for his 1st. Westlake race, he raced very strong, glad your in Ohio now Phil and I'm looking forward to some good training rides! It was a fast race again as has been the case all year so far at Westlake, we were a couple clicks shy of 27 mph. for 42 miles of racing, not too shabby.

Nice race everyone

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