I'm not sure

if neglection is a word or not, but it's something that I'm guilty of, being that I have been pretty lackadaisical on the blogger here lately. Not a real big week to report on though. Didn't do Westlake on Tuesday. We did a pretty hard group ride from Spear Rd. in Concord on Tuesday instead. Cold and windy and race pace throughout most of the training ride. We got in 44 miles that night with many hills. Thursday was the LeRoy TT. Nice night too. There were 6 guys that showed up. Ray, Matt, Sean, Larry, a new rider that is an acquaintance of Sean's and myself. Everyone rode fast with some very impressive numbers and speeds being posted. Ray had fastest time of the night. Afterwards Jim opened the trunk of his car to allow anyone that wanted some training jerseys to rummage through probably 50 or so jerseys to find some that they wanted for only $5 per jersey, pretty nice, thanks Jim! After making a mess of Jim's trunk we set off on an interval workout (actually only Ray and Matt did) Sean and I rode and did some intervals but nothing like 3x10 minutes and 10x1 minute at full race pace, 8 mile TT was enough of full race pace for me that night. Nice night and good to see those guys out in my neck of the woods.
Easy spins on the other nights since I didn't want to trash my legs that bad for Race for Alex on Sunday. Looks like the weather is going to be nice too. Lake Effect will be out in our new team kits from Hincapie. Very nice stuff!

Triathlon training will ramp up a little more heavily next week. I have 6 races on the schedule for this summer and I'm really looking to do well in all of them. I have been in the water more this past winter than I ever have been and my running seems to be coming along a little more than in the past as well, so we'll se what happens come race days.

Not much more to report on I guess, good luck to all that raced this weekend and we'll see ya at Race for Alex tomorrow.


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