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training day #1 at Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor. This is the location of the Greater Cleveland Triathlon that is held there August 10th. There are 3 training sessions put on by Mickey Ryzmek of North Coast Multisports that benefit everyone interested in triathlon from newbies to elite racers. This will be my 4th season as the bike support / mechanic at the training sessions and this is all through Sherman from Bike Authority. Sherman is a major sponsor of the GCT and has race day support and also is part of the bike expo every year held at the Fairport Harbor Coast Guard Station the weekend of the race, Sherman and the guys from the shop do a GREAT JOB at this event!

After the clinic was over and all the bike repairs were made we went out and rode a fast loop of the 24.5 mile Olympic distance bike course (the one that I'll be racing in August) then quickly transitioned and ran a 4.5 mile out and back loop. The run distance for an Olympic race is really 6.2 miles, but it's still realatively early in the tri season in this part of the country to be doing long brick runs. No swimming this morning since the Lake is only 54 degrees. Although many triathletes from all around the world do a race in San Francisco called The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon where the athletes jump off of a ferry in the middle of San Francisco Bay and swim 1.5 miles in low 50's degree water dodging sea lions and very strong currents, so the temperature of the Lake right now would be perfect training for that race. The swim distance for an Olympic is only .75 miles though, not 1.5. Actually I think Julie Sroka is part of a triathlon team this year that is going out next month do this race.

The workout went well with the bike split at 1:05 and the 4.5 mile run at 31:07 and feeling good afterwards, oh yea!

Easy workout tomorrow!

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Julie is doing the bike portion of Alcatraz. I think it's about 20 hilly miles. Pretty cool, eh?