Race for Alex

went pretty well today. Great weather, minus the gale force winds on the start / finish stretch. In the Masters race it was Derek that was able to sneak away with Tris, Ray and Sal and ended up in the 4 man break that lasted, in the end he finished 3rd. Nice job Derek, your racing super this year, keep up the good work! I rode in support trying to go with anything that looked to be trying to bring it back. Everything stayed together for the most part despite a few riders getting popped off the back on the uphill in the back section of the course where sometimes we were hitting 28.5 mph, (nice tailwind). On the last lap Phil Hines took a flyer 3/4 of the way up the long climb in the back and 3 of us were able to respond, we got caught after the right hander before the start finish stretch, Phil kept it going and it was a full on sprint from the corner to the finish to bring him back and to try to nab 5th position. Well Phil had good legs left and managed to hold everyone off for 5th and I finished in 9th.

Tony raced in the 2-3 race today and rode very strong, out of 43 starters, Tony finished 17th. only a few seconds behind the 3 man break. He said if ONLY I would have had some legs to sprint I could have grabbed 15th!!
Give it time my man and eventually you'll be in the break sprinting for 1st.

Overall everyone did very well today, we had Matt, Mike, Brian, Derek, Scott, Nate, Tony and myself representing the Team in all races. Congratulations to everyone and it was nice to see Sean Wilford again at the races, fresh out of Boot Camp too that is!


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