Weekend in Tennessee

The trip to Tennessee was a good one and so was the race, but first things first. Dawn Sedivy Murphy (Dougs Sister) invited us to her house in Louisville to stay the night on Thursday before heading to the race site in Dixon Tenn. on Friday. She had some friends and realtives over for a pre Kentucky Derby party which included an awesome meal and some great new people that we met. We sat out on the patio, ate, and had a great time before it was time to hit the sack for an early departure in the morning.

We got to the race site in Dixon after a major traffic snarl on I-65 that caused us to take an alternate route through the Tennessee country side which was okay by me because we got to see alot of the beautiful areas that you don't see from the interstates.
Doug, Tony and I got wet-suited up for our first open water swim on an already buoyed swim course, so we swam a quick 800 meters and then rolled out on the bikes to ride the 10 mile run course. The run course was hilly and very challenging, and with the 90 degree heat that was pedicted for race day I knew it was going to be hard. We returned back packed our gear back up and headed for the resort motel rooms to shower and head out for something to eat then relax for the rest of the evening.

Race morning came quick but we were staying right at the race site, so we didn't have any driving to do, just get up, eat, set up in transition and get to business.
Doug did the Sprint race and he went off first, he was fourth out of the water and held his position throughout the race, finishing 4th overall and first Master. He's still coming into form and isn't racing at his peak by no means yet, so he's going to be fast again this year as always, and most likely faster since he's making the trip to Vermont in August as well to race U.S. Nationals.

Tony and I were next in the Endurance race 15 minutes after the Sprint went off and all age groups were together and they sorted out as they came through the finish. When the gun went off a group of about 7 went quickly to the front within 200 meters of the 1600 meter swim, I was just behind that group that included Tony. I stayed a few meters back holding onto my pace and would almost catch on on the short turns before they would pull away again, so I just settled into a rythm and kept them as close as I could throughout the swim. I exited the water 8th overall over a minute back on the lead swimmer.

Got out onto the bike course and had a decent ride. It was hilly to rolling but the new Felt TT bike was feeling good and so were my legs. I finished the 40 mile bike and had moved into 5th overall. Tony and I rolled out of T-2 together and he wasn't feeling good. He dehydrated on the bike since it was now almost 90* and still had a 10 mile run to do. I told him that we should run together and he said no, keep going I'm just going to run my pace. We parted and I kept looking back to hopefully see him running me down but the lack of nutrition and hydration during the race so far had taken it's effects on him...good learning experience though sorry to say... thats what these early season races are about.
I ran the very hilly course running another down to take over 4th overall at about the 5k mark and thats the way it stayed for me to the end. I finished 4th overall and first Master just like Doug-E. Tony ran in shortly after finishing 8th overall and 1st in his age group. Very good for being in the condition he was in.

All in all a great day, and the afternoon and evening in Nashville for Nick's birthday celebration.....well that's a whole nuther blog post, but what a night we all had :-)


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