Taper week

Takin it easy this week with just some short fast workouts to keep the legs and body feeling fresh but not tired. Although this race coming up isn't one of my A races, it will be a good test of endurance and fitness and it will also give me a chance to practice some good pacing miles, especially on the bike since I have the tendency to go too hard and leave myself somewhat spent for the run.

We're staying Thursday night in Louisville at Dougs sister's home (Thank You Dawn) and getting up Friday morning and driving to the race site in Dixon Tennessee which is about 30 minutes West of Nashville to get in a short session of all 3 then hanging out till packet pickup.

After the race on Saturday, since it's Nick's birthday, we're all going into Nashville to celebrate, which I'm really looking forward to and I know everyone else is too.

Should be a fun weekend of racing and (birthday) partying ;-) and I'll be sure to post results of the race and the evening in Nashville!

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