Dirty Dash 10 trail race

Saturday was the Dirty Dash trail race at Oak Hill Trail Head in the Cuyahoga Valley. The trails were wet and muddy in spots and rooty and technical in others with a very long continuous climb that seemed like it was never going to end. It was once again very well organized and the Oak Hill trail system is awesome, a great place to trail run. The race was sold out as is the norm for these races, I think they sell out at 200 and they sell out pretty quick. It was a faster race than normal since the first half seemed to be level to down hill but the 2nd half was hard, I thought.. A seriously long hard climb that went on for over a mile really slowed down the fast pace of the first half with all rollers and muddy sections, which all equal epic trail running.

I finished with a time of 47:20 (7:23 pace) good for 4th Master and 20th overall out of 214 I think. Not too bad on a day that I was very tired and sore from the previous day of taking two big maple trees down at my house, cleaning up all the branches and moving all the wood that we cut up into firewood size logs.

I've been upping the training mileage this past month and for April the speed work is going to be factored in a bit  more for the race coming up in May in Tennessee. I'm really not going to be doing serious speed work until June and that's going to be for Nationals in August.

Hope everyone is training well and I see that some have already been racing their bikes, the weather sure has made it nice for training and I'm sure the bike racing this Spring is going to be fast and furious right from the get go...

See you all soon.

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