Large amounts

of home work went on this week with a minimal amount of training. It had to be done though and once I get going on one thing then I just seem to find more stuff to do, that's okay because we have it all done now for Nick's graduation party next weekend.

I did manage to get in a bike run brick, a hard interval run at the track and a swim bike workout and tomorrow Doug and I are doing another bike transition run workout so I guess it wasn't such a bad week after all, although I did miss the Tour of the Valley which was originally on my race calendar. I didn't plan on doing anything in that race except to try to help my team mates as best as I could, but I'm sure they're doing just fine..... :-)

Fairport tri coming up in a few weeks, then Greater Cleveland, Presque Isle and Portage Lakes with some mountain bike races then it's full blown cyclocross til December and possibly January, lotsa racing yet on the horizon.

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