Reagan Park Time Trial

Race #1 in the 331 Racing NEO Power Series. Over 200 racers showed for this event which was 8.5 miles of technical, switchy single track. This is the first time that I have ridden this whole course so I really didn't know what to expect. Gregg Brekke, Chris Simmons and I rode a section of the Huffman Park trail before the race just to get the legs going and I thought this was going to be a fun race. The trails for the most part were dry, there were a few muddy sections and a couple creek crossings and all in all a nice course, but very twisty. I'm not the best at technical singletrack while riding fast but I aim to get better and my intent is to race more mountain bike this year to prepare for cyclo cross and also to mix up the racing.
I thought I had a pretty decent race with only a few bobbles and one hard crash on a slippery rocky section just into the Hufman side, where I found out quite a few others crashed hard too. I rode hard and my average heart rate of 170 bpm proved it, but only managed a 6th. age group placing which I'm blaming that on all the guys ahead of me that ride full suspension 29ers and that I'm still riding a 28" hardtail........nah just kidding, my technical skills just suck badly. I raced mountain bikes way back when and I now have to regain my tech skills if I want to be up in the placings which I do because I forget how much fun I have riding and racing mountain bikes.
Congrats to my Lake Effect team mates and friends for their placings yesterday as well!

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ds said...

I am an awful technical mountain biker, but since I got a 29er, I am much less awful. I gave in to the temptation kicking and screaming, but I am really happy I did.