Cross Fit Triathlon

2011 Akron Cross Fit triathlon, formerly known as the Akron Summa triathlon. Same venue as the RATL series except the bike course leaves the park and basically makes a big square for two loops then enters back into the park through the service road since the main entrance is gated off because the RATL bike course is used for the running loop with a few modifications to make each loop 1.55 miles and the run was backwards of the bike race.

My age group was different in this race, they changed it to 35-49 since the race sold out and there were 200 or more athletes racing, so they had to fit more age groups into only five waves for time purposes. The swim started out fast and I was soon in another group of three as I was in the last race, this time it was with Kevin Park and Adam Hunter. We exited the water together, transitioned together and left the park together, soon Kevin was gone and Adam and I were riding close by each other with me slightly behind Adam til near the end of the second bike loop then he was gone as well. I rolled into transition feeling pretty good and ready to hit the run hard. I felt flat early on but got in my groove and when I saw Adam at about mile one I thought I might be running pretty decent since Adam has a good run. I only saw him briefly as he picked up the pace since he said he didn't want me to catch him and he was soon out of sight once again. I ran negative splits and picked off many that started in the waves ahead of me (there were six minute intervals between waves and I was the 4th of 5 waves) I finished strong and crossed through the finishing banner in 8th overall, 1st in the 40-49 age group and 3rd. overall in the 35-49 wave. I was racing with 2nd in my age group which I didn' know....I just know he and I were having a nice run battle going on and I ended up gapping him on the uphill section and then kept it going down and over the bridge and through the finish to beat him by a mere 10 or 12 seconds, that was good racing.

Next race is the TOTV road race where I will without a doubt get my ass handed to me in a paper sack!

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Janet Edwards said...

Awesome job Bill with a strong performance!