Roubaix weekend

Jim Behrens' 7th annual N.E.O. Roubaix ride is this Sunday, new course, new starting location but all the same types of rural roads with some Euro type gravel / dirt climbs. In a few weeks Jim has planned a Flanders type road ride as well. We'll be riding in and out of the Big Creek Valley which has more steep hills than riding in and out of the Grand River Valley. The ride will consist of somewhere around 3000'+ of climbing, distance is to be determined but this would be a great group training day for those racing Chippewa Creek next month.

We've been increasing the bike mileage lately and also the intensity of the rides. We've been feeling pretty good so we're going to give the fitness a test starting with the RATL series. I'm opting out of the Valley series this year so Tony and I will be able to race on Saturday's together, since he has classes on Sunday's. We did ride some hot laps of the Valley course on Thursday and I hope that the back side of the course doesn't cause any damage to rider and machine, even though the holes are patched, it's till a mess.

Swimming is status quo, although we've increased the length of our long intervals to 500 meters, still keeping the 100s and 150's though. We've been putting in between 2700 and 3000 meters per workout which is quite alot since we're not doing any 70.3's this season, but it does wonders for the fitness and will make the Olympic and Sprint distances all the better.

Trying to get in a few runs per week too as long as my knee will let me. The impact of running seems to make the knee sore the next day. If it's still not 100% by the time Clays Park rolls around in June I'm going to skip the season opener and wait for July August and September and hopefully get three good months of tri racing in. I'm going to concentrate heavily on cyclocross this year so I want to come into the season at my best and not have to worry about injuries.

Well it's off on the bikes now.

Later all.

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