Xllent training ride

today starting from the Brecksville Reservation. We had 10 teammates show up for A COLD start which was 33 degrees at 9:00 am. We headed out going down hill from the top of Brecksville Rd down the Chippewa Creek road race hill and I was so cold I was shivering which caused my bike to start wobbling while doing nearly 40 mph. I thought this isn't going to be good to crash going this fast especially on a brand new bike. I soon warmed up though as we turned left onto Riverview and started to climb out of the valley. Everyone rode well and took good pulls at the front. We did 62 miles, climbed over 3000' and averaged a decent 18 mph, which is a perfect training paced ride, good day today everyone!


Robert said...

I was curious about the climbing ', also. Deceptively a lot today, even on a "flatter" loop. Tuesday has about a 30% chance of rain, so let's hope we can still ride! Good riding with you bud.

Bill said...

Good riding with you too Robert, very nice riding today, keep up the good work!

Janet Edwards said...

And I was sad I missed this until you said how cold it was!