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I've always battled numb fingers and hands in the winter, especially while riding so I thought some ice fishing web sites may be a good place to find a warm, flexible, cold weather glove that would be a good glove for riding, since none of the winter bike gloves that I have ever had or tried were warm enough. I found these gloves on a site that are made by Ice Armor and they also sell the whole line at Gander Mountain which happens to only be about six miles from my house. This particular glove, the Ice Armor X is very flexible so you won't have a problem with shifting or holding on to the hoods. They have a velcro strap to tighten around your wrist, also a small zippered pocket on top of the hand which my first thought would be if you wanted to stick one of those small hand warmers inside it would even add to the warmth. The glove comes halfway up my forearm with another drawstring for added warmth along with 70 grams of Thinsulate. I paid $40 for these gloves but they have all different prices on the different ones. I'll give a follow up on just how warm they are tomorrow since we have a two hour ride planned for the morning.

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