Three more

cross races left for the season, two in the NEOCX series and then the State Championships. It seemed like the season went by pretty fast too, probably because the local teams stepped up and hosted races of their own rather than us hosting 10 races, which can be very stressing. The series has been going very well this year too with some very good turnouts at all the races.

After cross season triathlon training is going to be ramping up once again with alot of trail running and racing. We've been putting quite a few running miles in during cross season as well with most of them being on the trails. We've been doing group trail runs on Wednesday afternoons at the North Chagrin Reservation and have been getting 5-6 runners each time, which is great. We're still planning on doing the Rev3 Knoxville triathlon in May so it's just going to be longer base stuff after cross season since we're planning on doing the 1/2 IM. and not ramping up the speed for a while yet.

This weekend is the Blue Sky CX race in Euclid with a new venue that we've never raced before, I'm looking forward to it. See you all there.

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