4th @ Blue Sky

Had to delete the last post due to technical errors that I didn't know how to fix, so I won't go into as much detail on this one.

Had a pretty poor start and a first lap crash that put me way behind the leaders, so let the chase begin. I worked my way up fairly quick and was feeling pretty strong and was sitting 5th behind Brent Thompson who is a strong very technically sound rider. We worked together for a few laps when I went by him and was now chasing for 3rd. With two laps to go I was at :22 back and closed it the best I could on the last lap and came across the line in 4th :12 off of third. Nice job to the leaders, they rode solid and held their positions under pressure. The hill got me in this race. I don't have toe spikes to get a decent grip and was struggling while climbing....I know everyone else was struggling too it just would have made the climb a little easier with toe spikes...I think I'll do some engineering on my shoes over the winter and put some in.

Tony raced strong finishing 7th in the A race. The ground firmed up a little but it was still a hard race and guys were struggling up that hill too. Nice race T.

Blue Sky Cycles did alot of work to put this race on and a tremendous effort went in to designing and setting this course up for all of us to come and race on and for that I Thank You guys, your whole event was awesome!

Kirtland Park this weekend and it's the last NEOCX race before States, see you out there.

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Janet Edwards said...

Way to finish after that rough start!