No racing

for me this weekend. I rolled my ankle pretty good again on Wednesday on our first group trail run in the North Chagrin Reservation and it's still pretty sore. It's not that bad of a sprain, maybe around a grade1, 2, I can walk on it and I can ride and put good power to the pedals but I can't dismount and run on it yet. It's very early and I'm not expecting it to heal in just a few days so I'm going to bag the Elyria race this weekend so it'll be good to go for Brett's two day race over Halloween weekend.

I did go out on a nice road ride this afternoon into Kirtland Hills and did some climbing. I ended up with 45 miles and climbed Kirtland Chardon, Mentor, Hermitage, Mitchell's Mills and Morley. A couple swim workouts this weekend with another bike possibly and that'll be good stuff.

Hope everyone races well this weekend in Louisville and Elyria and good luck to you all.

See you all next weekend.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Another place I move up in Elyria!!! Just kidding, get better because we still have a bunch more cross races to do. Tony coming?

Tony said...