Creek Cross

Nice job by Kevin Kimmich and his friends the Bartels for allowing us all to invade their property all day. The course utilized the whole property and I don't think that there could have been any more turns put in, it was one helluva hard course with a gravel climb and a grassy/muddy field section that kinda sucked the life out of the legs. The Lemans style start was interesting and without a doubt the best and only way to start this race. Everyone jumped the gun and sprinted to their bikes in a wild frenzy. I stayed off the back not wanting to jamb anyone up through the spiral of death once we all got going. As it was we were running the first lap through the spiral with bikes hitting folks in the head and alot of pushing and shoving going on, kinda reminded me of a triathlon swim start. Once through the sprial it was so strung out already all you could do was try your best to hold the wheel in front of you and not slide out or bobble in one of the thousand corners and if you did your race was over before it even started, as was my situation.........I managed only one slide out but by the time I got through the spiral at the beginning I would say that the leaders were at least 1/4 of a lap ahead of me and with the caliber of racers that were in the race it wasn't going to be long before they came roaring by.

I managed to hold Matt and Paul off until lap 9 of 10 then Lynn pulled the plug on me and told me to take a seat. I snuck off in the weeds where no one saw me and laid down for about 10 minutes till I was able to see somewhat clearly again. My contact was stuck up in my eyelid from about lap 2 and was burning like hell. I tried to get it out after the race but couldn't....not only did I get my ass kicked in this race, I thought I was starting to go blind too!

Proppe once again kicked it for 3rd and Matt got 2nd. with Paul Martin winning. Tony was in a fight with Brent all race long and got 8th. There were only 24 in the A race but it was full caliber with the local top guns present. I came to a final conclusion during this race that I have been kicking around for some time now. I'm just not as strong of a cross racer as I once was and the A race is above my abilities...I'm moving down the B's for the rest of the series so I'm able to *race* and just not hold on for dear life like I have been doing lately. Next season, hopefully there will be a separate Masters race aside from the A's and B's. It works well in other series and especially in the Cincinnati races and not to mention it will thin out some of the B field that can't race in the A's for the same reason as me.

Props go out to all of my Lake Effect team mates in all races, you guys and gal did a great job, I'm proud to have you all as friends and to be able to race with you all.

Elyria cross this weekend......should be a better day!


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