CC races and TT's

We've been putting is some pretty fast milege lately both running, riding and swimming. The last two Tuesday evenings have been 5k cross country races in Kirtland Hills. This past Tuesday there were 460 runners with a shotgun start, talk about throwing some elbows in the first turn. These races are all about running as fast as you can and try not to get embarrassed too badly by the High Schoolers that are churning out 5 + minute miles. It's excellent training and very fun to run with all these guys. There were over 20 in my age group this past Tuesday and the winner turned in a 17:56 to my second place 19:30. I will try for a faster time next week and I think I have it in me, I just have to better maneuver past some of the runners that take off on a 5:50 pace and then fade just past the first mile.

We've been doing the Leroy TT's on Thursday's and have been staying pretty consistent. I tried something totally different last night than I normally do in these races and it worked out just as I had planned. I used last nights race as a triathlon bike leg and didn't come close to blowing myself up and finishing in a dizzy haze as I have the past two races. I kept my heart rate lower and steadier on the flats, kicked it on the uphill and downhill and steadied it out on the flat back in. I finished with my heart rate just where I wanted it to be so I still had legs for a strong run and came in with an average speed of 25.75 mph. We transitioned and ran a 3.2 mile run averaging 6:35 miles, so, thats going to be my plan for Presque Isle next week, even though the distances are longer than what we did last night.

Swimming is staying steady and I'm going to hit the breakwall swim again this coming Tuesday morning. Two more triathlons and I want to finish out the season on two good races and then it's CX in all it's glory! Bring it on!

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