Snow, snow, and more snow

has been the name of the game lately. Tony and I ran this afternoon and ventured off for about a mile on one of the trails and there had to be at least 2' of snow on it. There were a few foot tracks on it and we tried to run in them, but it wasn't working. We made our own but running in almost knee deep snow for a mile is tough and makes the flat stuff seem very easy. We ran Seeley Rd. to Paine Falls and up Taylor Rd to the Christmas tree farm and back venturing onto the trail that winds along Paine Creek to the Rt. 90 bridge. It was a great run with no traffic, only 1 guy walking with snowshoes on, this is the kind of winter stuff that I love. I wish that I was independently wealthy so I could do more of it in different areas of the country all winter long!

We got out on the ski's Sunday at Chapin. Rudy, Tony and I skated for about 3 hours and my knees were still a little sore today on the run from skiing on Sunday. We saw Gwen and Chris, Dick Brink and a few other bike racers skiing around. We plan on possibly skiing this Saturday and Sunday as well and I don't think we'll have to worry about a lack of snow either.

We signed up for the Run with your Heart 15k Trail Challenge yesterday which is on February 14th (Valentines Day). The race starts in the North Chagrin Reservation's River Grove picnic area and utilizes the parks great trail system. There are some steep hills, technical trails and stream crossings. So far Rudy, Tony and I are running, but Rudy is trying to get the guys from the shop to come out and run too, come on you guys!

Allright, it's off to bed for me, it's snowing pretty good again, so it's going to be another early wake up for me.


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