Chapin weekend

Tony and I hit Chapin both days this weekend for almost 5 hours of skiing. This weekend hurt alot less than last weekend due to my technique being better. XC skiing is alot like cyclocross racing, you have to stay in your heart rate zone and not try to stay with someone for very long that is faster than you cause you'll just blow up and loose technique and then it's no fun being out there.
I concentrated more this weekend on my glide so I'm able to get more out of the ski's. Tony and I ski'd together for the most part this weekend. He would take off on parts and I could only watch him go. That's good because I would pick up the pace to an anerobic state and hold it til he either slowed down or I caught him, but it was usually that he slowed down. His technique is better now than it has ever been, he can hit it pretty good out there. Skiing is alot like swimming too. You can take a really fit athlete and throw him in the pool and if he doesn't have good technique, he'll flounder away in the water with a very high heart rate and he'll feel like he's going to drown only after a 100 meters or so, thus, working on technique is very important.
Lotsa friend's out there this weekend as well that we would ski with for a while and then split up on different sections of the course.
My long time friend Jon Rentschler came up from Canfield this morning to ski and we hooked up with Lori Erwine and we all ski'd together, it was a good hard workout and a lot of fun too.
Nice seeing everyone this weekend!


DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Bill said...

Thanks Janet.