Runnin' hills

at Girdled Rd. Reservation today with Scott. Girdled is a great place to trail run and also CX ski. It's the alternate place to ski when your not skiing at Chapin Forest in Kirtland Hills. We park on the Girdled Rd. side of the park when running which has some of the Park's longest and steepest hills with lots of steep steps. We run down into the creek valley and then parallel to Rt.608 near the bottom of the Cleveland Ski Club and then back up the long hill to the Radcliff side of the Park, that's where everyone parks when skiing. We do the ski loop and then back to the Girdled side for a total of 8+ miles and lots of ups and downs. It's a great place to run to get your hills in.

It was pretty cold and windy today but the woods shield you from the weather and we actually had quite a good sweat going. The weather is looking better for the weekend so we're going to hit up the local trails and nursery roads.

Here's a few pics while on the way home.


Luke Bream said...

You look like you have cold and tough conditions at the moment. I have been moaning about my training for 100 mile bike challenge in London but when I see the snow in your pictures I really shouldnt complain.

Bill said...

HAHA, it's really not that bad at the moment. If our winters stayed like this it would be a piece o cake for outdoor training. Unfortunately we are in an area that get's lake effect snow storms due to Lake Erie which can dump literally "feet" of snow during 1 snowstorm....Great for XC skiing though.