Chagrin River Challenge CX A Race

It was good racing today on Brett's course in Bainbridge. The course was muddier than hell though with a major mud pit leading into singletrack that lead us into another small stream/ditch that was muddier than hell too, it wasn't bad though because you could ride through it and feel like you were going somewhere, rather than just spinning your wheels.

I feel like I had a good race minus the few bobbles that I had in the singletrack. One of them caused me to loose at least three spots due to me performing an endo after I ran into a big course cone right in front of the scorers tent, I should have gotten a few more points in the overall standings just for doing that #10 somersault off the bike. I had to put my chain back on after I unjammed it from the 3rd. eye and that casued me quite a bit of time right there, but oh well, others were having problems of their own too.
I ended up racing with a strong group of riders and we kept attacking each other throughout the race dropping a few here and there only to have them catch back on in a different section of the course. In the end Dave Steiner and I were together for the last lap and I knew if I could keep it upright in the singletrack we could battle it out to the line. My idea was to run the last ditch crossing right before the finish and go to the opposite side of Dave and possibly get back on quick, clip in and nail it to the finish. We had taken the right side of the ditch pretty much the whole race and Dave was leading up to the ditch so I went left, dismounted, jumped the ditch and quickly glanced over at Dave to see him riding it and slightly bobble. I remounted and missed my pedal and bobbled myself and by then Dave was back on and charging hard for the line, Yes, I heard him. We drag raced through the muddy section before the finish racing side by side but Dave puts out a little more wattage than I do and came across the finish a bike length ahead of me. That was great racing Dave, nice job!

Tony started fast with a great start and held 3rd. position for most of the race until Dan Quinlan passed him in the pwer section and held 3rd. for the rest of the time. Tony finished 4th and Shawn 5th, both of them in the $, great job everyone.

Today were back at Bretts for round two. Now that the equipment and gear is all clean it's time destroy everything again, we just have to keep plenty of quarters handy for the spray car wash.

See everyone on Sunday.

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Dad S said...

Nice! Between the pics and your narration, you gave some great visuals of the race - I can imagine being there. (Especially when you were showing off for the judges.) LOL!