They don't get much harder than that

if they do, I haven't did one. Tom Humphrey and crew did an outstanding job once again with the organization of the race and the layout of this course. Unfortunately the weather did not want to cooperate overnight Friday and into Saturday morning and with all the rain that we recieved, it made the great designed course very muddy and very hard to ride, it did stop raining by race time though. By the time the A race rolled around at 1:45 the mud had a thick consistency of semi thick concrete due to the previous races. The mud stuck to everything and I would say that by the time the race was over the bike was twice as heavy as in the beginning of the race. I did what I could but struggled, as did most everyone else, some just struggle faster, some a little slower, but in the end we are all suffering out there, but we continue to do it weekend after weekend, the mud must be in our veins so to speak. My teammates did a great job once again as always in all races. We had 4 in the top 10 in the loaded A race and 2 in the top 10 in the B race. Julie was 2nd in the womens race also, Congratultions to everyone today that raced, everyone was a winner that finished today in my book. If you got a top placing and won money, that made it all the more sweeter! Thanks to Tom Humphrey, Greg Jackson and the crew that put this all together, it was a great event.


Dad S said...

Mud sucks (literally.) Think I'd rather have an inch or two of snow. Good race. Everyone who participated gets a "thumbs-up" in my book.

Bill said...

Thanks Dad, that was one hard ass race, probably the hardest I ever did. It felt like running as hard as you could go in waist deep water for an hour, plus running up a long hill with your muddy bike on your shoulder each lap.....ughhh