Not a dinnner

and a movie, but just a movie. We went to see Race Across the Sky last night at the Severance Town Center, it was an awesome movie and a great documentary and it was nice to see alot of our racing friends there as well. I will buy this movie if and when it comes out on DVD. However, it's been a long time since we have all gone to the movies together, probably since the boys were young and we all went to a Disney movie, so it was nice for all of us to get together to go see a movie. There were two things that I noticed about how movie theatres have changed in the last few years since I have been to one. One, being stadium style seating, this was a great invention and it enables you to see the whole screen without anyones head blocking your view, I definately like this ALOT!
Number two thing I noticed, and please correct me if I'm wrong here, and far be it for me to complain but, the prices........Holy Cow, have the movies became expensive or what ? For the 4 of us to get in the door it was 50 bucks, and to get popcorn and drinks and a box o candy was another $42.75, for a grand total of $92.75 just to go to the movies? Is this expensive or what? or is this just me getting old and out of touch with the times? No wonder there are so many Blockbuster and Hollywood video stores out there. There sure weren't many cars in the parking lot either, but it was a Thursday night and not a weekend. Okay I'm done complaining now, but I will say that the next time I go to the movies it will have to be something very worth while.



Dad S said...

Yeah, old timer. A night at the movies hasn't been cheap entertainment in (almost) longer than I can remember! It is nice though. Can't remember the last time I had a large coke and ice rolling down the floor between my shoes. Might have to take out a loan and go again sometime.

Seriously, it is nice to get out with the family for a night out.
Ask Lynn if she remembers the last "family" movie she and her sisters conned us into taking them to see - Sweet Dreams with Cheech and Chong. The opening is forever stamped into my memory.

ds said...

The stadium style seating must have been VERY well designed for you guys to see over my giant head last night.

Bill said...

HAHA, Yea Dad, Lynn has told me about the Cheech and Chong movie many times, it is forever stamped into her memory too, as is you all dancing in the living room to the Bee Gees......If I remember the old photo's correctly, you kinda looked like Barry Gibb wasn't it????

Dave, your head isn't gigantic, just your hair...hahaha. The seating was excellent didn't you think?