LeRoy Cross

wasn't a good race for me again, but then I never do well in thick, wet grass. I was down a lap but so was 1/2 the field. Dave Chernosky and I got tangled up in a crash near the pavilion that cost us nearly 6 positions, but it didn't really matter much. We both chased hard to get back to the group that passed us but it wasn't happening, at least for me it wasn't. I thought at that point that I would put my head down and just TT the rest of the race and get a good hard workout in to help for this weekends racing in Kentucky and Cincinnati.

When I got home it took me nearly an hour and a half to get everything cleaned up, as it did for everyone else too I'm sure, except for those light guys that just fly over the top o that muddy stuff....haha.

Thanks to Kevin Kimmich and his crew for putting on another race. The hot coffee was a nice touch on a cool windy day, and we'll see all of you this weekend in Cincy.


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Ray Huang said...

I disagree, I'm totally am covered in mud. One of the worst every race. I think I go through mud puddles sideways or something and just throw mud all over myself. Sucks.