Cincinnati CX Fesitval

3 races in 3 days this weekend down in Kentucky, Cincinnati and Middleton. It all depends though on the weather and conditions for Friday if I'm going to race. The weather experts are calling for an 80% chance of T-storms on Friday, and if the course would happen to be anything like the course last weekend, then I dont particularily want to spend all that time cleaning my equipment, especially when I dont know if there would be any hoses or cleaning stuff to use. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday are looking good and we're pretty excited about racing. I'm going to try to avoid getting my a$$ handed to me this weekend as has been the case the last two weekends racing with the big bois. I am still racing in the Masters 35 & 45+ Elite 1,2,3 group which is by no means a walk in the park, but, a little more even for me than the A races of our series. I did alot of volume over the summer, training and racing triathlons, I hope that I'm not too far spent for the remainder of cross season. We shall see.

See you all tomorrow.


ds said...

I have already found the closest self-wash car wash to our hotel. I think thaty may come in handy.

John Proppe said...

The Radisson hotel is claiming to have a bike wash, so that could probably sort ya out.