Long workout

yesterday morning at Headlands. Scott met Tony and I and we headed out on a 1.5 mile open water swim. Good swim but there were 2-3 foot rollers coming in and we got in the water just after 8 am. it's been very windy lately, actualy all year long. Transitioned and headed out on the bike but we added to the Olympic course and threw in a few more hills for a total of 30 miles instead of the 24.5 mile course. Bike felt very good today too. Came back and slipped on the running shoes and ran the 10k run course and now by this time it had to be close to 82-83 degrees and humid, which doesnt work very good for me especially when running. All of our heart rates were higher than normal on the run due to the heat and humidity, but it's good practice for races, I just don't do very well in it, practice or not, I can only hope for cool temps or maybe rain on the run next weekend for the GCT, I'm sure not too many racers will want to hear that though. After the run Tony and I jumped back into the lake to cool off and it was so comfortable I told Tony I feel like I'm laying on the couch right now..good stuff.

Today we're headed out for a 50 miler with a 3 mile run afterward then grillin and chillin.

Later all

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