World o hurt

was the name of the game for me today in Willoughby. Duathlons HURT, at least they do for me and todays race was no exception. The first 5k was okay, running at a 6:17 avg. mile. The transition was decent and then started off on the 3 lap 20 mile bike course. The 1st. lap sucked. 2nd. was better and the 3rd. was my best, consistantly riding at about 24 to 26 mph., if only the first two laps could have been that good. Transitioned once again and as soon as I got onto Lakeshore Blvd. both of my calves seemed like they were wanting to cramp up. I ran up a rise in the road on Lost Nation and the cramping feeling stopped and they were okay for the rest of the brutal 2nd. run. I pushed the 2nd. run about as hard as I could and still got passed by 4 people and finished the 2nd. run in 21:15, almost 2 minutes slower than the first. I still managed to win my age group with an overall time of 1:35:14 and finished 8th. overall. and the first old fart to cross the line, but still much room for improvement.

Tony on the other hand is on fire right now and really going good. He and Jack Sutte battled it out for 1st. and 2nd. overall with Jack besting Tony by about 1 minute. Both had blazing fast bike splits with both run's being equally impressive. Awesome race you guys and way to represent the Bike Authority/Fleet Feet Tri Team as well as Team Lake Effect Racing!

Mike and Christina Vanucci raced well today too with Christina nabbing 2nd. overall in the womens field and Mike getting 2nd. in his age group, nice work U2.

Decent competition today with some very fast runners and great weather. Nice race organization and congrat's to all, everyone looked good.

Hope everyone did well at the State RR today also.



lunasphere said...

this du may have been a better choice for racing today...the state RR hurt...:-).

DaisyDuc said...

Du's are tough! Way to race strong and represent!