TT and GCT training day

Went 9 seconds slower this past Thursday at Leroy than last, thats quite alot, just didn't have it and I knew it after the first few miles on the warm up. Fatigue from Westlake and the ride on Wednesday, that's okay I'll take it a little easier for the next few days leading up to Tuesday night worlds. But, we did the first of 3 Greater Cleveland Triathlon training days this morning at Headlands State Park in Mentor. These training days draw alot of triathlete's out that are going to do this race in August and today was picture perfect, there were even a few brave souls that donned the wetsuits and went out for a swim first. The water temp's are still in the mid 50's, and that's pretty cold for distance swimming. One guy came in and said that when he dove in it felt like he got brain freeze from eating something ice cold.....that's a little too cold.

Tony and I rode with the first group and did the Olympic course. It wasn't a blazing fast ride but good enough, average was about 21 mph and my legs felt fine. We got back to transition and took off on the 6.2 mile run course that has 5 hills in it and felt pretty good once again. We averaged a 7:45 training pace which was perfect and rounded out a perfect training set.

Easy day tomorrow and Go Cavs!

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