Paine Falls 10 miler

Scott and I made it out this morning for a nice 10 mile trail / gravel road run. We did 3 stream crossings and ran quite a few hills and some nice singletrack, it was a very good run today and Scott ran great. He did a little belly achin though about the stream crossings, he even went so far as to take his shoes off on the first crossing.......citing, and I quote "I'll get f'in trench foot if I have to run with wet shoes and socks for 10 miles" At the next crossing he was cussin a little bit more but the shoes stayed on and by the 3rd crossing he didn't even flinch, he looked like Flipper he was running so fast across the creek. See Scott, it aint so bad!

Yesterday Nick had a baseball game close to where I work, so I loaded the bike up, changed after work and set off for a 2 hour ride ending at Willoughby South where Nick was playing. I dropped down into the North Chagrin Valley from Wickliffe and did some climbing and rode into Kirtland Hills and back up into Willoughby. I got caught in the rain but not really that bad, but wet enough. I'm not a big fan of riding in the rain, too many A holes out there as it is and they seem to be worse when it's raining. Nick managed to play 4 innings before they cancelled the game, so it wasn't even official, they'll have to make up another one............Oh yea, Nick took his drivers test today also and passed, Congrats Nick!

Hopefully a TT workout tomorrow if the weather stays decent.

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Dad S said...

Nick - You da man! Nice to have that "ticket to ride."

Grandpa S.