65.5 & 16.5

is the mileage we rode and ran in the last couple of days. Tony and I did a fast 5k and then rode 25.5 yesterday with hills and this morning Doug came over before the hurricane force winds arrived and he, Tony and I did a 40 mile TT workout followed by another quick 5k run, it was a hard workout today because we did mostly race pace on the bike and did a LT run. We're getting alot of time on the TT bikes lately. Jim Behrens is starting the LeRoy time trials up again this coming Thursday @ 6:30 also, so between the Westlake series on Tuesday and LeRoy on Thursday we'll be getting some good fast work in. Mothers Day tomorrow so I'm not sure if we can squeeze a workout in or not, gonna try though, just easy though.

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

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