Great weekend

The rain stayed away and we got lots o miles in. Saturday we didn't do RATL, instead we went out on the TT bikes for 45 miles with some race efforts and felt good, transitioned and ran an easy 2 miles. We're putting lots of miles in on the TT bikes now due to the TT's starting up and tri season is right around the corner.

Sunday we headed down to the Cuyahoga Valley for the last Covered Bridge race of the series. Our goal, since Tony and I were doing the 1,2,3 race was to ride hard and see how the legs were going to respond after Saturdays efforts, we knew it was going to be hard because everyone is racing very strong already this year. After a very fast 1st lap the legs were feeling pretty decent and I started to move up in the group. There were alot of surges and jumps and after the initial break got away our group along with TLE brought the break back to within a few seconds, that's when Tony jumped from the front of the chase and latched on to the break. He was in the break for the last 3 laps and ended up sprinting for 5th. place and the last money spot. Matt and Tony were a few spots apart and our sole TLE riders in the break. Nice job guys! Todd, Josh, Chris, Pete and Mike all rode very strong in the field. With warm up and cool down we had a total of 45 miles. We got home and did our 25 mile TT loop for a total of 70 miles today and 115 miles for the weekend.

Nice racing with everyone today.

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Investment Biker said...

Hey Bill,

If you are coming out the Westlake tonight, kindly bring my seat bag and pump which I left in your truck Sunday.