1st.World Championship race

of the season for me. I felt pretty good and after doing some chasing and sprinting for a prime, I got into a break of 6 with 4 or 5 to go into the 19 lap 38 mile race. We were away for all but the last lap when the group caught us and we all finished in a bunch sprint with Shawn taking 3rd. overall. Avg. speed was around 26 mph for the race with a large field and nice conditions.
Did a little running before the race to loosen up and warmed up with 4 laps on the bike and cooled down with another lap for a total 48 miles and about 2 miles of running. Nice day.

Got a 4.5 mile run in today to Nick's baseball game, the run hurt because my legs were pretty tired from last night, thats good cuz it simulates running on tired legs in a triathlon. Nick's team lost to Mentor 11-7, but he was 2 for 3 with an RBI and played a nice second base.

LeeRoy TT tomorrow if the weather holds out, I don't know though, their calling for rain and high windage again.

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