1st. Leroy TT

Beautiful day today but SUPER WINDY AGAIN. Fast on the way out but brutal on the way back. That's okay it only makes you stronger...............that's what I keep telling myself anyway.
I still averaged 25.82 mph on fatigued legs. Did a 10 mile warm up, raced and then did a longer cool down ride for a total of 35 miles. Everyone rode fast tonight, nice job all and thanks once again James.


KPark said...

Nice job Bill. Hope to get out there soon. I road the course twice on my Computrainer last night. Once for w/u, then once hard. Recorded it with my Garmin Forerunner last year:) Cheers, Kevin

Ray Huang said...

KPark would you mind sending me the course map? I have a CT too and it would be a fun winter course to have. and the first I could compare real road vs CT. Thaks. kartchamp20002000 At Yahoo dot com

Its ok if you dont want to!!
OH and nice job Bill!!

Bill said...

Thanks guys. Kevin, the wind was strong on the way back from the turn around, I was down to 21 mph just past Taylor rd. by that open field.....crazy

see you guys soon

KPark said...

Send me an email at trikpark@roadrunner.com. The course was recorded on a Forerunner, which uses GPS for the altimeter, which is not as accurate as barometric. I plan to run the course with my Edge 705 this week, which uses barometric, and should therefore be more accurate. I'll send you that one too when I get it.