The voice of common sense

11 bucks for a cheeseburger, you gotta be ouch yo mind! I love this guy so we had to get our picture taken with him even if it was at a hydration stop during our ride today.......

Great day today, 65 miles @3:30 with over 4,000' of climbing. We rode most of the old Greater Cleveland Triathlon Half Ironman course with Kirtland Chardon, Hermitage, Sperry and Morley thrown in. Legs weren't too happy today with all the climbing we were doing since we did a pretty decent race pace duathlon workout yesterday consisting of 2-3.1 mile runs and a 21.5 mile bike.

The wind wasn't too bad today either. We were out near Novelty and it really wasn't bad at all, but as we were riding more North toward the lake it started to pick up a bit and must have been at least 10 degrees cooler. I'm surely not complaining though after the windage that we've been having. Looks like the beginning of this week is going to turn to crap, their even talking the S word! Oh well at least we can run in it.

Gotta eat.

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