Closed for cleaning

no swim workout yesterday due to the pool looking like a fishing pond. I really dont have a problem swimming in a fishing pond because I know its a pond, but when the pool starts looking like one, thats where we draw the line. Heisley is going to do the draining and cleaning routine starting today so hopefully the pool will be back up for business in a few days. Since the swim workout didn't happen and it was pissing rain and windy as hell Scott said lets stop over at BW'3s and get a quick ale, great idea. We ordered up a couple S.A. Boston Lagers, sat down and were having a nice chat when some guys from work came in and then we all started bs'ing about Toys R Us bike helmets, getting lapped in the pool.......(Scott made comment that I might be able to lap him in the pool, but when it comes to beer drinking to get out of his way and get back in the slow lane.........lol ) and a million other topics, it was a good time.

We're going to get out for a 3.1 mi., 21 mi., 3.1 mi. workout today, It's looking like we're going to do the Headwaters Duathlon in Mantua next Saturday which is close to the same distance, also, good luck to those going to Zanesfield today.

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