Off day

today so I thought I would come home and drink some coffee and get busy on the bike room / garage. I recently installed some new carpet and I had a few more things that I wanted to do and since I had an off day it was a perfect time to get it done. All finished now and we're good to go.

Good fast workout on Monday. 4 mile run with 2 miles at near race pace, followed by a 26 mile fast bike with some hard hills and fast sprints. Good race pace efforts.

Yesterday was Masters swim and it was hard. I was tired to begin with from swimming almost 3,600 meters on Sunday and the hard efforts we did on Monday. We did another 3,000 meters last night with some long sets with minimal rest in between, the rest day was welcomed today for sure.

Scott, Tony and I are racing the St. Malachi 5 mile road race on Saturday so tomorrow is just a short fast run to get the legs tuned for the race.

Heres a picture of my new training shoes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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