ride today. We rode the frozen and icy nursery roads for about an hour then rode to Indian Point and had some fun there. I mean fun like crashing about 47 time's on the icy trails and very icy Seeley Rd. I still have the Kenda small block 8's on my LeMond cross bike and those tires are slippery on wet grass! I felt like I was just learning to ride my bike all over again in some spots. I had flashbacks of crashing into the side of the church building in Fairport when my Dad was teaching me how to ride a two wheeler for the first time. It was pretty good though today, we did a few climbs, some steps with the bikes and lotsa skillz pracize for a 2 hour ride.

Nice, nice.

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Ray Huang said...

ummm..cross ended like 3 weeks ago duudes!!

j/k :)