Dave Thornton's

homemade brew. Our friend and fellow cyclocrosser from Erie P.A. Dave Thornton graciously brought me a 6 pack of his homemade lager's to try out and blog about.
Tonight I opened up a bottle of his Taj Mahal I.P.A. Lager along with a few of Lynn's peanut butter Hershey's kiss cookies. Beautiful combo. The Taj Mahal is a little on the lines of the GLB Christmas Ale which I don't like, but this has a very nice tangy aftertaste, not bitter like the Christmas Ale that sticks in your mouth. Medium dark in color and I would say medium bodied as well. Nice smell and nice taste make this very drinkable, even with some homemade cookies. This is a very good lager Dave, well done.

Next up is the 3 Sisters, Tiffany, Bambi & Amber Lager from Botulism Brewing...Erie, PA. Yes!


Ray Huang said...

OH man-I am so jealous!!

Rick said...

no wonder you've gotta train like crazy....I think I gained a pound just looking the those goodies!