Another season

ended today and what a day it was. The weather turned out to be very nice despite it being cold and windy, but we had blue skies and sunshine and good racing for the last race of the season. Everyone from the team did very well starting off with Zack in the Junior's and Robert in the C's. Zack 2nd. and Robert was once again the winner and the Overall Winner of the C division. Congratulations Robert on a most dominating season.

Next up was the B's and Women. Julie and Gwen raced and did very well, as usual. Julie won, Gwen was 4th. Nicely done ladies. Julie was also the Overall Winner of the Womens division.

A's and A Masters lined up next. Tony, Shawn and Matt in the A's with good hard racing saw Tony finish a close 2nd. to Paul, (10 seconds close) Shawn 3rd., and Matt 10th. Masters had Rudy, Jeff, Derek, Chris and myself. Rudy was 2nd., Jeff 3rd., Derek 4th and me 5th, and Chris 9th. Hard racing today, I know because my heart rate was higher today on average than any other cross race this year.

We had a great series this year for it being our 10th. Year Anniversary. We had a total of 200 different racers participate overall this year and at our largest race, we saw 120 racers that being Wendy Park. Thank You to all that have been coming out for years race after race to support our series, we appreciate it and we are all very happy to see cyclocross getting bigger and better in the Cleveland area and throughout the state.

Thank You to all all of our volunteers that have helped throughout the year at our time trials and cross races, everyone know's that these races couldn't happen without them, Thank You.

Thanks goes out to Sherman for all of his support and all the generous gifts that come from him to give out as awards and prizes.

Bike Authority/Team Lake Effect Racing hopes everyone had a fun and competitive racing season and we hope to see you all again next year.

Later everyone.


Tony said...

Love the pic Dad! Thanks for being an awesome trainer for me this season and also thank you for cleaning off my bike while I was in school today. HAHA

Shawn Adams said...

good season! its been great to work with you and tony....relax and we will get a plan for next year!