Cross Your Heart Cross, or more like Cross Your Eye's Cross. That hill did some damage on the way up, but on the way down, it was great, like a really fast sled ride. Remember sledding when you were a youngster, you would really not look forward to the uphill slog of carrying your sled back to the top because it took like 5 times as long going back up as it did going down, but the down outweighed the up, that's the way it was for me yesterday, but much more fun.

Spin did an excellent job once again on this event, Thanks to all the Spin guys for this one and the Brewing Company afterwards was key. Railway Razz, good stuff!

I felt good the whole race and finished where I probably should have. I rode strong the whole race, did not bobble anything and did not leave anything on the course. The overall results weren't up yet when we left the Brewing Company so I don't know where Tony or I finished overall or in our classes. I do believe I was either 4th. or 5th. in the 40+ Masters. The overall winner Gary Pflug is a Master as well, Nice Job!

Tony was sitting in about 11th. in the A race most of the time when he hit something in the big mud pit and went down, right in the mud. His bike starting acting up, so he switched bike's and finished strong. He thinks he was 1 place behind Ray so that would have made him 17th.

Lots of clean up after this one, about $8 in quarters at the spray car wash for the bikes, shoes helmets and bibs.

Great job to everyone today on this race. The course had a really good flow to it and was fun to race, fun in a weird sense though.........

Orrville on Sunday.

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