Bike update

New cables, housings, removed about a half a shotglass of sand from my shifter levers and repaired innner lever, bartape etc. etc. I noticed too that my drive side pedal seemed a little loose, so I tried tightening it and it was already tight, hmmmmmm. I have the BB 30 style bottom bracket with the STI carbon cranks. The pedal threads into the crankarm by the way of a star shaped aluminum pressed in insert that can't really fall out, but it wobbles and when clipped in feels like it's going to fall out.
While going over the bike at Bike Authority on Monday, Rudy and I were brainstorming and came up with the idea of drilling and tapping into both sides of the crank arm and threading in some setscrews that would hold the insert in place and then drilling and tapping through the top of the arm and through the insert then threading the pedal in and gently tightening the setscrew so that the pedal is locked in also. It works great and Cannondale is going to make good on the defective cranks. This will tide me over until a new set arrive at the shop.

No sand this weekend, YES!

See everyone this weekend.

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