Orrville wrap up

Race # 2 is in the books and that rounds out the Orrville series. Today was a good day. Weather was nice for the most part but it started to rain/sleet during the A race which made things a little messy. Quite a few crashes due to the wet areas on the course too. You would think that no-one here in North East Ohio has ever ridden in this stuff before, jeez............(Foolin')

Tony rocked the A race. He was flyin' with Jeremy, Shawn, Matt and for a little while, Paul. Matt unfortunately crashed right before the pavement on the uphill which allowed Tony to take over 4th. spot. Jeremy and Tony then battled it out for about 5 or 6 laps until Tony crashed on the last lap which allowed Jeremy to gap him and finish about 10 seconds ahead of him. Tony said he wished it could have been a sprint finish, he said he wanted to know what it would have been like to sprint with Jeremy, but 4th. aint too bad in the stacked field.....

I got off to a pretty decent start and was riding pretty good until I started to yo yo off the main pack on about the 2nd.ish lap. I rode alone for a while then John E. and John L. caught up to me and we raced around for a while. Both John's were attacking hard and the pace was very hard and fast. John E. crashed in the back of the course and dropped his chain under his 3rd. eye and that allowed me to get around him, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have passed him, he was riding strong, Nice job John!
I came around onto the last lap and had 1 to go when Paul was just finishing. Finished the race in 12th. out of about 20, not bad for me in the A race as I should be in the Masters group. The Orrville course is a fun course but a power course that doesn't really suit my riding style. I had a problem with it last year as well as this year. It will make you a stronger rider though I think.

Nice job to my teammates too. Robert killed the C race and won again in fine fashion. Nate flatted but was riding strong. Julie won again in the Womens A, what else is new :-) Shawn 2nd., Tony 4th., Rudy 6th., Matt 7th., Derek, 10th. me 12th., in the A race.

Up next is Brett Davis' beer fest Chagrin CX on Saturday, (yea baby) and our Kirtland Park race on Sunday.

Rest up.

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

congratulations guys! it was a fun family day!