Atomic Balm and Red Hot. I just bought this stuff yesterday. 40 miles on the road bike last night with the Atomic Balm on and no knee warmers and my legs were toasty. By the time I got home I was exhaling condensation, it was cold, like 44 degrees cold and my legs were warm. I tried the Red Hot in just a small spot and it might be TOO HOT. When I got in the shower after the ride it was still working, kinda like sunburn, and it was still working when I went to bed! Good stuff, so if you smell some Ben Gay sort of smell on the start line of the next cross race, it's me.

Gotta Go.


Jim said...

Couldn't resist buying some, huh?
I told you it would work. I might suggest waterless hand cleaner to remove it (and the road grit) prior to the shower.

Ray Huang said...

Where did you buy it? You can email me the info if you like. I could use some as I am running now too.

Bill said...

Thanks for the info. Jim. Yea this stuff is way good.

Ray, I got it at Adler Team Sports in Euclid. Lakeland Blvd. between 260th. and 222nd. South side of the freeway. They have more tubs of it too.