CX practice

yesterday, Westlake Tuesday and a 40 mile training ride today. The legs have been feeling pretty good lately. Tuesday at Westlake Tony and I did not make the break but we rode strongly in the field and mixed it up early and throughout. A break of 6 got away into the wind and Rudy was one of them. Rudy ended up 4th. With 2 to go in the 32 mile race Tony and Jim Gilmore jumped away and held it to the end with Tony nabbing the sprint for 7th overall. I felt good in the field sprint and wound it up pretty nice and hit 35.2 mph crossing the line.

Wednesday was a CX practice day at the Perry Outdoor YMCA. What a great place to practice, I sure wish that they would allow us to hold a race there, it would be ONE of the best venues in the state and I'm sure of that! We have tried unsucessfully over that past 3 years to land a race there but it's just not happening. Maybe one year.

Today Jim Behrens and I did a 40 miler. Very good ride today with a few hills, and Jim rode very strong, probably the strongest I have see him ride in a long time, he must be out there doing that secret training plan that Neil Shirley has him on ;-)
As you can see from the picture Jim is very modest and doesn't really like to have his picture taken. After I took the picture and put the camera back in my jersey pocket, he rode up beside me and stole it out and pretended like he was going to throw it into the other lane,(no traffic coming though) I told him if you do throw it I'll never pull your butt around on another training ride again! (wink wink) He gladly handed it back to me. Jim's going to Greenville this weekend for a National Pro race where he will ride in the Jittery Joe's Team car. Have a good one bud!

We've signed up already for the UCI CX race in Detroit and Harbin Park in Cincy. Cross is right around the corner.

Jeff McNaught designed and had these kick a$$ Bike Authority Cross decals made up for the 10th. year anniversary. Jeff designed and drew up a cyclocross print that is going to be put on long sleeve t's as well, that is still in the working stage right now though, but will be finished very soon. Nice work Jeff.

Oh yea


Jim said...

Do you REALLY think that threat made me give you the camera??? The fear of you not pulling me around doesn't frighten me because you can't be off the front of a pace line for more than 30 seconds. Must make you nervous. Your son has the same problem with you from what he tells me. Reminds me of Bob in the days of old. It was a good ride though and we beat the rain!

Bill said...

LOL, Well, with Tony, I like to be out front because I like my wheels straight and true if you know what I mean. With you, you want me to be out front because you like the view!