Lotsa climbing

today. Tony and I went out this afternoon to do a hilly training ride around Chardon and Kirtland Hills. We got 60 miles in and just a notch under 2,000' of climbing, not bad at all for around here. We hit all the big climbs and some even twice. We are making the trip down to Zanesfield, yup Zanesfield, not Zanesville like I thought, on Friday and Tony is racing in the Junior State RR on Saturday. His race (17-18) is 61 miles and it's not what you would call flat down there so we thought we would do some climbing enough in advance to where his legs won't be trashed for Saturday.

On another note, Tony passed his compass tests which qualifies him to start Lakeland Community College this year while still in High School. He is only a Junior this year but this allows him to get most of the pre-requisite classes out of the way at the High School's expense. He will be going to Lakeland his Junior and Senior year. Nick will take them next year too as long as he passes the test's. He should, he get's much better grades than Tony does!


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