Zipp night

at Westlake. Race started fast with attack after attack. I was in an early break with Rudy, Brian Batke, and a Stark Velo rider that was reeled in after about 2 miles. Tony was in a break with Dave Chernosky, Paul M., and a few others. At about the halfway point Rudy and Andy Moskal snuck off and opened up a gap then Paul chased and caught on and that was the break that stuck. The three of them later sprinted to the finish with Andy taking the win over Paul and Rudy nailing 3rd. in a very fast paced break. Lake Effect did well with many team members taking primes, mostly Zipp merch. Nice stuff too by the way! The main group was very active with a lot of hard surges and attacks. My average speed for the 44 miles of racing was 27.2 mph.
Lots of carbon wheels last night, way cool sound too. It really makes me cringe though when I hear those carbon wheels hitting holes in the road...Kinda like watching a movie and there's a really nice car that you'd love to have, and next thing you see is it getting blown to smithereens or somebody smashes the crap out of it and it's pretty much worthless. I hit one last night coming through the chicane area and thought my front wheel was a gonner. I have the Cosmic Carbones, when I finished the race I looked to see if the wheel went out of true and it was perfectly straight. Nice!
Nice racing last night everyone.

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cyclonecross said...

Good to see you last night (well before the race at least, you and tony were well ahead of me for the duration)! Did you guys get more pics?