Le Tour

Boneheads! Again, after all the doping scandals over the past years in the Pro and domestic tour, there are still some that think that they can slip through the cracks and go undetected. How much longer is this going to continue until professional cycling will no longer be able to get any type of sponsorships? There are alot of very talented young riders out there that would love to be able to possibly fulfill a dream of one day becoming a professional bike racer, maybe it would only be for a few years, but to say later in life that they had the opportunity and went for it and became. This doping stuff is doing nothing positive for the sport or for the young up and comers. How can a clean young rider compete with a doped rider and be competitive? They simply can't, so they start doping as well, it's the ole' snowball effect. Oh sure there are many clean riders, and most of them are, but I say no matter who you are or how influential you are in the cycling community, if you are caught, you serve a lifetime ban in the pro ranks. Then let em go to school, work a full time job, live like a normal human being instead of a pampered little baby and see how hard it is to balance a life and continue to train and participate in a sport that you love to only be mediocre!


ds said...

The sad part is that cycling is one of the few sports that is actually trying to clean up its act, and all of this negative press is killing it. If cycling's doping control standards and punishments were applied to American pro baseball or football athletes, I'd be surprised if each (football or baseball) team would be left with enough players to actually field a game after the cheats were caught.

Bill said...

I agree completely. Any where there is big money there will be corruption.