No racing

this weekend, just some training. Friday we did an Olympic distance tri workout. Swam open water at Fairport for 25 minutes, pretty much the equivalant of 1 mile. Transitioned and did a 26 mile bike into Grand River and out Lakeshore Blvd. into Willoughby and back. Pretty decent ride too. Got back and took off on a 6.3 mile run from Fairport into Painesville and back. All went well and the concession stand was open at the Fairport Beach when we got back and we got us a couple o large blueberry slushies, perfect ending to any workout!

Saturday was a 25 mile recovery spin on the road bikes in the small ring, not much pressure on the pedals at all and today was a fast 3.2 mile run with an easy swim.

Felt pretty good this weekend and we're looking forward to Zipp demo night at Westlake on Tuesday and the Huntington Beach Triathlon this Sunday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!



Eric said...

Hey Bill, I don't have your e-mail so....


cyclonecross said...

Here's the link that Eric sent. There's a couple of pics of you guys. See ya on Tues!

Bill said...

Thanks guys and thanks Eric, there are some nice pics of Tony and I in there and nice pics. overall!